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It is still the official watch of NASA astronauts for their extra-vehicular activity. It may be good for you if it is good enough for NASA.

Reverso, considered the first sports watch ever, has reinvented themselves as a timeless, one-collection timepiece: one that can be worn for casual, formal, or sporting events.Audemars Piguet Replica Watches It was created to meet the demands of polo player's for a durable watch.

It embodied Art Deco perfectly with its striking, elegant, rectilinear shapes, gadroons that were clear and cut, and proportions that looked like a "golden rectangle". It was discontinued after World War II, but it returned to popularity in the 1980's.

Its simplicity is what makes this watch so versatile. The time is displayed on a white dial with guilloche and Arabic numerals that are very easy to read.

Tudor Replica is a reaction to the need of a game changer in the watch industry. In the 1970s, Japanese quartz watches became popular. The watch house commissioned Gerald Genta,Richard Mille Replica a legendary designer of watches to design a watch which would help them get back on top. It also helped pave the way for luxury sports watches as we know them today.

The Royal Oak was launched at Basel in 1972 with a design that had never been seen before: a steel case and body instead of precious metals; a unique octagonal bezel; visible gaskets and screws. It was the first sports watch to be made for every occasion.

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